3 things that will stop cold callers from getting the cold shoulder

12 July 2017


I have never been a telemarketing person. I have utmost respect for people who do it as the constant rejection must play with your mind somehow. I have however, been targeted by telemarketers to try and sell me all sorts of stuff, most of which has been utterly irrelevant to my business. In response to this maddening diatribe and to vent my increasing frustration, a straightforward guide would be useful to suggest some quick and easy “before the call steps” that clearly many of the cold callers of the world don’t bother doing.

1. Look at my company’s website

Before you try and position an outsourced offshored helpdesk “to save me money for my current helpdesk operations” – look at my website http://www.embedded-it.co.uk/. Any loose understanding of my industry will tell you, by reading, that I am a consulting company and do not offer helpdesk based services for my clients. If you get past the home page it becomes fairly apparent that I assist helpdesk and other service providers hone their marketing messages, so I would make the rash assumption that I have some contacts who do this AND I probably wouldn’t respond well to poorly targeted calling.

2. Look at my companies LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is clearly a valuable resource for marketing and sales individuals. It’s also free, and pretty easy to navigate. So, if you can’t find my website, you’ll quite easily find Embedded’s linked in profile (https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/5242662/) which shows, quite clearly, that I currently have 2 employees, my wife, and me. Latest news, I might be taking on a third in a few weeks’ time but you won’t know that for now.   So, when you call to try and “save me hundreds of pounds on my fleet of mobile phones with a simple change of contract” you might want to do the basic maths that our total mobile phone bill is substantially less than a few hundred pounds and I’m probably not your hottest prospect.

3. Check Companieshouse.gov.uk

For the gold star, you could go so far as to look up my business on Companies House, a free government provided resource that tells you all sorts of crazy things. From here (https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/09054394) you can find out my financial year is end May, last year my balance sheet grew nicely for a small business, my middle name is Roger (yeah, thanks Mum for that), I’ve recently changed the office address to stop my home address being published on the web.

Now professional telemarketers can subscribe to data services that tell you all the stuff above at the touch of a button, or even integrated into your CRM. But if you don’t have these tools, in about a minute at no cost you can establish whether my company is a good match for your services, and save yourself the embarrassment of a wasted dial. And you could save me from blocking your number from my phone, and getting stressed that you didn’t bother to check the basics before you called.

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