Meeting 3 - South Hants IT group

18 January 2019

Well, that exceeded my already optimistically high expectations! With about 35 people in the room, the social experiment of trying to bring a bunch of local IT people together to learn some stuff and get to know some stuff, and raise some money for charity, is really starting to take shape. A massive thank you to everyone who attended, especially those who travelled in from the outskirts of the “South Hants” area.

And a mahoosive thank you to Richard Nash, who’s presentation was absolutely perfect. We learnt all about Blockchain, specifically:

Its not all hype, and is really starting to gather momentum in on real world problems.Bitcoin is just one Blockchain example, on the Internet, but there are many Private use cases that have a broader set of applications beyond crypto currency.To get a Blockchain project working, you really need an independent set of business entities, who want to exchange trusted data.Therefore, to get a Blockchain working you need somehow to align the agenda of a lot of disparate entities, politically, commercially and in a secure context. That sounds hard!IBM are backing HyperLedger as their preferred technology, but there are plenty more out there and no clear market leader. One to watch is Ethereum (Enterprise).Its more of a services play than a product play, because of the breadth of consulting and technical resources you need to make it work. Not for the small business just yet!

Universally, feedback on Rich’s presentation was positive and I hope those of you who need help with engaging Blockchain projects now have a decent contact to assist.

Hopefully everyone prefers the new logo as we move away from the smutty acronym into something more socially acceptable. For those of you who want to continue using the old name, please feel free – the Viz reader in me will continue to find it entertaining.

I will continue to try and stay on top of the administration, and Slack will be the default conversation tool for those who have paid their subs. We are on course to raise some cash for a charity, which we can discuss in the May meeting.

Apologies for those of you who came to the pub that we didn’t end with a kebab and a fight – I’ll note that for next time. For those of you who bought rounds of drinks, I’m very grateful and apologies I didn’t get round to chat to everyone but I sensed people were getting along and making new connections.

I’m pencilling in the next session for:

Topic of DevOps, yet to find a speaker but I’ve got an idea (just need to persuade him)Thursday 14th March, 5:30pm for a 6pm-7pm meetingBoozer there after will be the Parsons, although I might lay on a few drinks in the room to stop the spread between the room and the pub.Everyone is welcome who work in IT in the South Hants and surrounding areas.

Any questions, comments or feedback, please get in touch.

Phil (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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