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23 June 2014

After 23 years in the IT Services industry I have finally decided to take it upon myself to try and fix some of the supply chain issues with the world in which we live. This is the underlying purpose of Embedded IT, to try and find ways of aligning the objectives of IT Vendors, IT Service Providers and Channel Partners and Clients to everyone's benefit. It can't be too hard, its just a matter of communicating everyones agenda, and being factual about the art of the possible.

For far too long, companies looking to acquire IT services find it too difficult, with complex and vague nomenclature, over zealous marketing campaigns, false promises and poor delivery from providers. Clients struggle to articulate their requirements in a way that correctly allows comparison across different supply options, Suppliers struggle to articulate their capabilities in a way that aligns to the Client requirements, Vendors struggle to articulate the technical products and services that they seek to provide via a Service Provider, leaving everyone dissatisfied.

Embedded IT as of 1st July 2014 is a one man startup. Clearly fixing the problems of the world is a little beyond me. But I am hoping with the development of some intellectual property, the exploitation of a large network of like-minded and similarly frustrated individuals, and a bit of structure and consultative engagement I can develop the business into a viable method for companies (be they Clients, Channel partners, or Vendors) to engage with each other and get a decent dialogue going. Because with decent dialogue comes a trusting relationship, which can lead to long lasting happiness for all parties over the course of what is usually a reasonably long term.

If any of these thoughts resonate please do get in touch with me via the Contact Us details. I am convinced that there is sufficient demand in the marketplace for assistance in improving the relationships across the supply chain that I can sustain a small army of experienced and like-minded individuals on client engagements.

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