What is the Embedded Directory?

25 November 2019

What is the Embedded Directory

The Embedded Directory was created with the knowledge, experience and passion of its founder, Phil Clark, who for decades has been trying to make sense of the complexities of the Technology Supply Chain. 

The Directory is here in response to two very common issues:

  • How do IT Buyers expand their horizons to find new suppliers that will be focussed on them, without having to sift through the marketing bullshit?
  • How do IT companies, specifically around the Channel, attract new Clients that are in their “sweet spot” without spending a fortune on blitz marketing?

Boiled down, both Buyers and Suppliers are trying to solve the same problem.  Finding companies that are suited to their specific needs, based on a range of fact-based attributes rather the luck of mass marketing. 

The Directory serves as a matching service - not dissimilar to how, for example, online platforms provide a service for those seeking the right car insurance within their criteria.

The Directory profiles IT companies on a range of attributes including;

  • Capability (Product and Vendor skills and services)
  • Location
  • Turnover
  • Industry focus and likelihood to be referenced  
  • Services offered
  • Accreditations held

The Buyer, meanwhile, has uploaded their profile to identify suppliers that have the capability required, are in a similar location, are roughly the same size in terms of turnover and employees, and are focussed on the industry in which the client sits.

Once both the Buyer (and all registered Suppliers) have completed their profiles, The Directory matches them using a proprietary algorithm that consolidates each consideration to create a “matching score” which is presented to the Buyer with the closest match at the top of the list. The Buyer can then select any of the suppliers they wish with capability, but the Directory’s scoring system should be used as an indicator for the Buyer to identify the best match for their specific business.

Behind the scenes is a fairly complex labour of love, which comprises of mapping over 600 technology vendors and their respective products to a series of search terms. For instance, Microsoft have 7 major product lines in the Directory; one of which is Office 365. This is linked to search terms that will support people looking for Microsoft, Office 365, Email, Sharepoint, Collaboration, Cloud, Teams, Kaizala etc.  This was key part of the Directory design aimed at Buyers who are still deciding on the Vendor / Product they need to support a particular function. 

After the search, the Buyer has the option to select suppliers (anonymised) to engage with and within about 30 seconds can email all of them with an overview of their project. Specifically, the Buyer needs to provide a Project Name, indicative budget, indicative timeline and some narrative about the requirement.

The email the supplier receives does not contain the buyer’s contact details.  We decided to keep the service anonymous for as long as we could to protect Buyers from having their details plastered everywhere. The supplier is presented with an email explaining; “a client in this industry, and this location, of this size is looking for someone who can do collaboration. They have about £10k to spend, have a deadline of next April, and here is some general overview narrative on the project.”  Only at the point that the supplier accepts the lead are they connected with the buyer. This is the moment the Directory has facilitated a mutually beneficial relationship, and steps back.

The nice thing about using a relational database behind the process is that all of the interactions can be reported on.  The Directory will start to collate search trends, project sizes, a mapping of which supplier provides which services from which vendor.  If successful, the ultimate objective of the Directory is to create a map of the UK Technology sector that can be used to help navigate the industry. 

The roadmap for the site provides endless opportunities. Supplier and Client feedback and reviews, auto-ingestion and NLU of Buyer contracts to match based on renewing services or international expansion to name a few.  The future of the Directory will no doubt keep the developers busy for years (the downside of having a Belbin Plant / Teamworker for a founder!).

Embedded is a relationship driven business, always open to suggestions on improvement areas and other technology supply chain problems to be solved. We strive to facilitate conversation within the technology space, because we are passionate about the future of the market.

What next?

If you have any questions or suggestions (or maybe you’d just like to introduce yourself) please drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we promise we’ll respond.

If you are a technology supplier interested in joining the Directory, you are welcome to subscribe and, as a thank you for reading this blog, use the discount code “ARTICLE2019” to get 20% off your monthly subscription for the next 12 months (offer valid until 31st December 2019).


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