Review of 2018

03 January 2019

The nice thing about being more than one year into your new business is it gives you a comparison point. This time last year, I was publishing my one year review, so it’s only reasonable to do that again.

I promised myself I would be painfully honest about how things are going at all stages. A lot of people jump out of PAYE into being self-employed and as part of their marketing strategy pump out messages of how great everything is going, I’m just not that fella. Honesty is the best policy in my book.

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Review of eWorld Procurement and Supply Conference : 3rd October 2018

09 October 2018

I went to the eWorld Procurement show last week, as the agenda / speakers looked excellent and I fancied a day out to get a clearer view of the current procurement market. It was in Westminster QEII exhibition theatre, and I’d wholly recommend it for procurement professionals if you are unaware. The “free breakfast” wasn’t actually free, but lets not split hairs in what was an excellent event.

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How to write a good Service Specification?

31 July 2018

One of the things that is sorely lacking in our industry is an ability to articulate requirements. IT and Telecoms is complex, and usually involves lots of detail, and many buyers do not bother with writing a decent specification before they go to market. This leads directly to a mismatch of expectations, vague service delivery, poor value for money and some sort of dramatic falling out in the post-contract phase. So why not just write down what you want at the outset?

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Meeting 2 - South Hants IT group

14 September 2018

A big thank you to all of those who attended the 2nd meeting of the South Hants IT Professional Outreach Organisation. Its good to see the acronym doesn’t get boring, and that people universally think it’s a nice idea albeit difficult to comprehend something that has no particular commercial agenda. Anyway, once again, I am judging last night’s event as a success.

The nice progression of the experiment is we had a true representation of the whole IT Supply Chain, from Clients, Channel Partners and Vendors, all of whom were sparking off each other when discussing the chosen topic of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on everything.

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Meeting 1 - South Hants IT group

29 June 2018

So I would judge last night’s inaugural session as a success, despite relatively low attendance. As chair I take full responsibility for organising a business meeting which directly overlapped with an England game, and my lesson is learnt.

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