Review : Accenture Tech Vision 2018

27 February 2018

I’m a proud alumni of Accenture, having worked for them as my first “proper” job and learnt enormous amounts about life in that period. They are a company that recruit very talented people (like me, obviously) and trust them to do stuff culturally which drives innovation. Clearly its been 15+years since I worked there, but I class a lot of my ex-colleagues as friends and still admire the brand and approach.

Because of my alumni status, I was invited to an overview webinar of their tech vision report (Technology Vision 2018), published recently, which I thought I’d share on the basis that it actually put a slightly different emphasis on tech trends that a lot of the tech companies publish.

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The future of Distribution and the broader Channel

06 February 2018

An fantastic report by IT Europa on behalf of the Global Technology Distribution Council (GTDC) was published this week. It walked through where it sees the role of Distribution in an increasingly challenging IT Supply Chain, and came up with some interesting conclusions.

Distribution is much maligned by the broader IT Supply Chain. Customers don’t know it exists, resellers and service providers look down their nose at them, and Vendors abuse their services at every possible opportunity. However, Distribution could hold the key to some stability in a turbulent world, and IT Europa have defined how this could work.

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Relationship Counselling

12 January 2018

Today, I’ll mostly be calling myself a relationship counsellor. I’m not sure if it’s the time of year, but I seem to be spending more and more of my time resolving Client / Supplier, or Supplier / Vendor, relationship problems which for whatever reasons have bubbled to the fore more than expected in the recent “season to be jolly”.

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The Accidental Procurement Manager

24 January 2018

Interesting discussion with a prospective client last week. They are a mid-market business with a handful of people in IT, who have outsourced some of their infrastructure to a hosting company. Their contract is up for renewal, and they need to find an alternative supplier, but they are struggling to find a suitable supplier and balance this against their incumbent who is perceived to be under-performing. Not an unreasonable set of requirements, but triggered a thought process in my mind regarding procurement as a skill set.

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2017 : A year in review for Embedded IT

03 January 2018

So a year ago I started Embedded in earnest. I had a plan, I had a limited company as a vehicle, I had an anchor client and I was off. I had a bit of cash in the bank (them were the days..). 12 months later, where are we?

Well, it’s been an exhilarating journey so far. The only objective we had was to survive for the first year, which we have clearly done, but beyond the pure financials a lot has happened which has made the business a lot more interesting than my initial expectations.

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