Introducing : Embedded Directory

27 September 2017

This time next week I’ll be launching my new website, the Embedded Directory. It intends to be a Directory of UK IT and Telecoms Companies, indexed in a way that allows Clients to identify the right partner to work with based on skills, service capability, geography, target market, accreditations. Clearly it’s going to take some time to get traction, but I feel like I’m having a go at fixing a problem in the marketplace.

It all stems from my 25+ years in the IT and Telecoms industry. On numerous occasions, I have been involved in Client situations where they are unhappy with their existing IT or Telecoms supplier. Either the supplier doesn’t have the right skills for their business, or they are too small/big for them, or they just aren’t very good at managing the relationship.

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Bitcoin: The Emperor's new currency?

08 September 2017

This week I have been amazed at the amount of people who have asked me about Bitcoin. “Are you involved?”; “Would you be a Bitcoin miner?”; “What’s a good wallet for Bitcoin?”. Entirely out of the blue I think I’ve had about 5 different unconnected conversations with people suddenly showing an interest in the cyber-currency. But why now? And why at all?

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5 Steps to bridge the 'Chasm of Disappointment'

01 August 2017

The relationship between what a client wants, and what a supplier delivers, is a complex one. It’s a bit like teenage dating. At the start, it’s all quite exciting with seductive looks across the board room. Then it gets to the point where some sort of commitment needs to be made, and things become a bit more focused. Order placement is usually done in the back of a car somewhere, then there is a period of adjustment whilst dynamics change because of this new relationship. This article should not be used as a judgement on my teenage dating approach.

Realistically though, the process of supplier engagement should be simple. Client knows what they want, articulates it – supplier confirms they can deliver, and they deliver it. However, the most frequent problem I am invited in to look at is ensuring that this process works smoothly, or to mop up the consequences once in contract. How hard can it be?

So rather than sell everyone full fat consulting rates; (why would I want to do that?), I thought it would be nice to share 5 simple things that clients can do to avoid the post contract miff moment. There is nothing worse than buying a new toy, and hating it within the first few days.

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Gig Economy vs Poor Employment Morals

04 September 2017

As a consultant, I find it interesting looking at employment models for skills and staff, and always am surprised about companies appetite to take staff on as employees rather than project based consultants. In today’s economy, most work is defined as a “gig” or project based, especially in IT, and so surely project based costs make a business’s costs more manageable and less risky that an effective “permanent” commitment to an employee?

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Recruitment Processes: The human touch

21 July 2017

As part of the expansion of Embedded, I have been looking at responding to adverts for consulting projects through recruitment job boards / posts on specialist consulting websites.  Clearly this is a completely different venture to the word of mouth references I’ve enjoyed so far, but you can’t rely on your mates all the time….

I’ve signed up to a number of services, and entered a profile.  Being a people based search process, you need a CV which I have duly completed and have been submitting with little to no results.  When you look at the volumes of applications there is clearly no surprise there.  So, in the interest of understanding how best to succeed, I engaged with an agency that specialises in CV writing to understand how the whole process works.  It’s quite depressing.

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