Starting a business using the Cloud

27 June 2014


So after 20+ years of working for other people I have been through the process of starting a business. And it has given me an interesting insight into the world outside of major corporates or established entities. There appear to be many benefits and disadvantages to forging your own way in the world, and I'm sure there are plenty of books about this, but I think the thing I've been mostly surprised about is how many "easy to acquire" IT Services there are for small businesses. Cue Segway into a discussion on Cloud!

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The Startup Blog

23 June 2014

After 23 years in the IT Services industry I have finally decided to take it upon myself to try and fix some of the supply chain issues with the world in which we live. This is the underlying purpose of Embedded IT, to try and find ways of aligning the objectives of IT Vendors, IT Service Providers and Channel Partners and Clients to everyone's benefit. It can't be too hard, its just a matter of communicating everyones agenda, and being factual about the art of the possible.

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