“We knew where we wanted to go, we just didn’t have the skills to write down the detail and enable the Sales and Marketing guys to re-focus on a solution sale rather than a product sale.” - Head of Finance


Our client was adjusting strategy to move away from a pure reseller approach towards more of an IT services revenue stream. They lacked a detailed understanding of the best way to structure these service focused offerings, as opposed to pure technical product literature.


Embedded IT were brought in on a 2-week project to understand the direction of product strategy and help with defining a structure to support this change. Product brochures, website copy, service descriptions, pricing guidance and campaign plans were documented to support an initial marketing launch, as well as initial sales training.


The client’s business has affected a transition away from pure-play product reselling to a broader infrastructure services proposition; driving higher value IT clients through a broader portfolio. Business restructuring has subsequently re-focussed the business of this style of broader engagement, over traditional reseller revenues.

Client Benefits

  • External catalyst for change
  • Structural advice to enable new revenue streams
  • Bespoke creation of template Sales and Marketing literature to enable future offerings
  • Independent knowledge of competitive offerings





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