IT and Telecoms Sales is an art form in transition. Moving from traditional product reseller propositions to more complex cloud and service based, consulting led conversations needs strong and structured management. Refreshing the sales team, or retraining them to adopt a more complex approach, is a project that current business management struggle to achieve within the bounds of their day jobs. However achieving this transition can make or break the future of a business.

Performing this transition, whilst delivering to forecast and managing pipeline for the complex world of UK IT and Telecoms companies is difficult to achieve. Without an appropriately managed sales team, performance can be difficult to track, budgets can be difficult to hit and staff can become disorientated and demotivated. Sales is a department is a difficult thing to perfect.

Embedded IT provide sales management as a service, full or part time, either to support a change in business direction or priority, or to drive more success from existing staff. Our consultants act as the sales manager for a particular business, offering advice on a range of facets of a successful sales team, such as:
• Marketing integration and proposition development
• “Funnel” planning and resourcing
• Staff incentives and commission plans
• Ongoing pipeline / forecast management and activity reporting
• Recruitment / Retraining of sales teams to boost performance

Using specifically focussed sales management consultants with in excess of 25 years in the IT and Telecoms industry, Embedded can assess the current situation with a channel partner and recommend a specific action plan to increase sales or change direction. We can then execute this plan with a focus on specific business objectives such as pipeline development, revenue generation or overhead reduction.

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