Management of technology vendors is a significant overhead for all IT and Telecoms service providers. Maintaining partner accreditations and levels, staying on top of the ever changing rules, understanding revenue and customer reference requirements etc. is a full time job for someone that does not naturally sit anywhere in a specific organisation. Vendor Management principles touch multiple teams within the organisation, and ownership can be a problem.

More importantly, losing your partner accreditation can hinder you from delivering services to your clients. Wrongly claiming your partner status can lead to serious consequences, at worst affecting brand value and status in the market, at best limiting your access to preferential pricing for the given technology.

Embedded Vendor Management is a service that manages your conformance to Vendor Partner programmes, maximising your relationship with a chosen Vendor. Providing regular reporting of compliance, alerting on changes in approach by the Vendor, and providing advice on how best to get the most from your partner programme, Embedded Vendor Management leverages expertise in Vendor Programmes to the benefit of the Service Provider. Embedded deliver tiered services that deliver monthly reporting on :

  • Partner level and conformance to requirements / risk of exposure
  • MDF performance and usage
  • Revenue achievement vs targets
  • Accreditation performance and plans
  • Sourcing / Procurement routes for a given technology, such as Distribution
  • Product and Service updates for a given Vendor, including notifications of changes in product collateral
  • Action plans and progress against plan

Improved visibility and control of partner levels will reduce the risk of non-compliance and ultimately lead to improved relationships with key technology vendors.

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