Many businesses struggle with the alignment of IT to their business objectives. With technology now becoming more key to the success of a business, IT can be seen as both an enabler and an inhibitor depending on the success of this alignment.
Misalignment can lead to IT underperformance or lack of flexibility in responding to new business direction, which in turn can create end user discontent, or in worst case scenarios cause customer churn because of poor customer experience. Taking a step back to determine an IT strategy to support the business can deliver substantial revenue and customer satisfaction benefits.

Embedded IT have worked with many clients to understand their IT and Telecoms estate and how it relates to their business strategy. Through a process of interviews and reviews of documentation, Embedded will engage with a business to understand:

  • Core business objectives and strategy
  • Current IT and Telecoms services, suppliers and organisation
  • Challenges with current IT service and impact of these challenges on business strategy

Armed with this information, Embedded can form a clear statement of direction deliverable for IT that overcomes the current challenges and re-aligns IT strategy with business objectives.

This relatively short piece of work can help with direction setting for both IT and business users, and create a framework within which strategic IT decisions can be made to best support the business environment.

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