The IT and Telecoms supply chain is undergoing significant change, with massive consolidation through mergers and acquisitions activity, as well as technological change and adoption of new business models, such as cloud. IT suppliers are therefore prone to risk of change, and frequently businesses do not hear about these changes until it is too late.

As a parallel activity, technology procurement is changing at a rapid pace. With changes in buying behaviour, different commercial and financial models for products and services, and the aforementioned supply chain turmoil, buying IT services can be a complex and time consuming task. Without appropriate domain expertise, the risk of buying the wrong thing from the wrong supplier is high, with unquantifiable commercial and operational impact.

Embedded IT have significant experience in managing procurement activities for clients of all sizes and sectors. Leveraging our experience of working on both sides of the procurement fence (Client / Supplier), we understand the key drivers for client and suppliers and navigate the best path between these agendas to secure the best result for both. This can take the form of a managed Request For Proposal (RFP) process, or more commonly, a process of simple dialogue to ascertain the best approach to a specific business requirement. Embedded can provide:

  • Initial requirements gathering
  • Supplier long and short list selection
  • Evaluation Criteria development, in conjunction with business requirements
  • Contract negotiation support (in conjunction with professional legal advice)

Embedded can provide support for Procurement processes, from initial strategy definition to supplier recommendation, to ensure all parties achieve the optimum outcome, with minimal effort.

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