With over 6,000 IT and Telecoms suppliers within the UK, find the right supplier can be time consuming and complex. As a result, businesses tend to stay with their current suppliers, renewing each year to save the challenge of migrating services to a new, unknown entity.

However with technology changing at such a pace, new entrants to the market are frequent and can add significant value to a business’s IT function. Incumbent IT providers, who sometimes have not invested in the latest skills and technologies, find it difficult to independently advise a client to work with new suppliers as it could damage their revenues and relationships.

Embedded IT have significant experience in both the business alignment to IT suppliers, but also the latest technology trends and drivers. In this context, Embedded can offer a fully independent view of your business’s IT supply chain and can make recommendations on how suppliers could form part of the business strategy based on skills and culture. Through a series of interviews and reviews of documentation, Embedded will determine:

  • Inventory of all suppliers showing what services they provide
  • Service quality / contract positions for each supplier as a Red/Amber/Green
  • Proposals for changes in the IT Supply Chain, if required
  • Potential new IT Suppliers to consider in the context of business strategy

The core deliverable will be an audit report with prioritised recommendations on current IT and Telecoms supply chain, with potential benefits and actions to realise these benefits.

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