Offering the IT soultions across Southampton for your buiness needs

Here at Embedded IT, we are a leading established group of specialist IT service individuals who have a real passion for IT. We offer a range of consultancy services available in Southampton, Hampshire and across the South of the UK. Our company mission is to use our collective experience to align objectives, build relationships and engender mutual trust to the benefit of all the right parties. Having worked on many projects previously our professional team of consultants are highly skilled in finding any problems, offering their knowledge and delivering useful solutions for improvement.

Our company deals with three types of businesses…

  • Clients; businesses looking to procure IT and Telecoms from reliable and reputable suppliers
  • “The Channel”; this covers resellers, system integrators, outsourcers, managed service providers (MSP) and many other categories, looking to work with new clients and manage their vendor relationships
  • Vendors; manufacturers of software, hardware or services who ultimately use the channel to sell their products and services to clients.

From organisational design, development of best practice process and procedures to optimum procurement and supplier management, at Embedded IT, we work on it all. Our experienced staff are armed with the skills and core information to carry out reviews of your current IT performance and development strategy. As well as carrying out reviews our team can provide other services including checking and reviewing current supply chain performance and suitability of suppliers to your company and propose action plans to drive improvements throughout the IT function. At Embedded IT, our aim is to provide training to help our clients engage with their technology.

We can work with you to understand your business needs and how to best configure the IT team to support that. In terms of how we work, we create and follow road maps that help with the infrastructure of the method. The process is usually to research and then create a strategy suited to the individual business to understand the direction the business is going in.

Our service portfolio

  • For Clients
    • IT Audit and Strategy
    • IT Supplier Performance Reviews
    • IT Procurement Management and Advisory services
  • For Channel Partners
    • Marketing Audit and Strategy
    • Marketing Proposition Development
    • Sales Management as a Service
    • Portfolio Management Audit and Strategy
    • Vendor Management as a Service
  • For Vendors
    • Channel Engagement Audit and Strategy

Why chose us?

At Embedded it is important to us that all client and companies needs and requirements are met fully, not only do we provide consultancy services, we provide education regarding IT services and tech support. With years of experience in the industry we have a proven track record of helping companies fulfil their potential. We put in the hours to ensure we learn about individual businesses and their needs, we will never take on a new project without ensuring we receive all the information needed and working on a strategic plan first. Our team are constantly staying up to date with the newest and latest technology and applications to be able to deliver the successful service we provide. Our unique IT consultancy service in Southampton can help with your systems and offer a solution to any issue, we are the best people for the job. Whether you need IT support at home or at the office, we are flexible and can meet the needs of our clients. Why not get in contact for more information?

Contact us Today

Based in Whiteley, Fareham we offer leading IT management consultancy services in Hampshire and around the south of England from Bournemouth to Brighton, and Southampton to London. If you want to see our customer testimonials click here. If you are looking for an IT Consultant or any support, feel free to get in contact and email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we aim to respond in a couple of days. Or simply call us on 07808 247685.


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