Supplier Selection and IT Strategy Review

IT Strategy and Supplier Review

Supplier Selection and IT Strategy Review


Demipower are one of the largest KFC franchisee in the UK with approximately 100 stores across the South and West of England. As a result of major business expansion, they needed an end to end review of their IT infrastructure with associated recommendations for improved service arrangements.


Embedded IT worked with the whole management team to understand the core business processes and need for technology to support them, including the impact of expansion on current approaches. An audit of existing IT services and gap analysis to requirements was produced, along with a structured plan to address gaps. Specifications were product to enable supplier engagement to address these gaps and shortlists of suppliers were provided.



Demipower have replaced all core head office systems and are working with a new bigger IT supplier to provide end to end IT Services, designed to improve both resilience and capacity across all business processes. Office 365 has been adopted, and further cloud solutions are being investigated as part of a second phase engagement. 

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