Supplier Management - Web Project

Supplier Management - Web Project


Pario Design are an architecture and design specialist, focussing on commercial interior design for high end clients.  They had commissioned a third party web design agency to produce their web presence, but were struggling to conclude the project and after 12 months, engaged Embedded to identify and resolve the problem.


Embedded IT reviewed the contractual and engagement approach and identified the key issue, which was some difficulties in the interfaces between the supplier and client.  Embedded engaged both entities, interpreted the requirements and ensured that the supplier produced the service appropriately.  This involved writing copy on behalf of Pario, and supporting the supplier in completing the design in accordance with the clients wishes.


Within a month of Embedded’s involvement, the supplier had concluded the project and Pario had signed off the deliverable.  Pario also received additional training from the supplier to allow them to amend the website without ongoing supplier support.

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