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IT and Telecoms Sales is an art form in transition. Moving from traditional product reseller propositions to more complex cloud and service based, consulting led conversations needs strong and structured management. Refreshing the sales team, or retraining them to adopt a more complex approach, is a project that current business management struggle to achieve within the bounds of their day jobs. However achieving this transition can make or break the future of a business.

Performing this transition, whilst delivering to forecast and managing pipeline for the complex world of UK IT and Telecoms companies is difficult to achieve. Without an appropriately managed sales team, performance can be difficult to track, budgets can be difficult to hit and staff can become disorientated and demotivated. Sales is a department is a difficult thing to perfect.

Embedded IT provide sales management as a service, full or part time, either to support a change in business direction or priority, or to drive more success from existing staff. Our consultants act as the sales manager for a particular business, offering advice on a range of facets of a successful sales team, such as:
• Marketing integration and proposition development
• “Funnel” planning and resourcing
• Staff incentives and commission plans
• Ongoing pipeline / forecast management and activity reporting
• Recruitment / Retraining of sales teams to boost performance

Using specifically focussed sales management consultants with in excess of 25 years in the IT and Telecoms industry, Embedded can assess the current situation with a channel partner and recommend a specific action plan to increase sales or change direction. We can then execute this plan with a focus on specific business objectives such as pipeline development, revenue generation or overhead reduction.

Embedded IT founded the South Hants IT Networking group to bring together Vendor, Channel and Client IT professionals from Hampshire, Dorset and West Sussex regions, to discuss industry topics and build positive relationships.

We meet every 2 months in Whiteley, Fareham and aim to get 30-40 attendees to each meeting. Total group membership is approximately 130 people (as of May-2019) across the region, and in between events there is a healthy amount of dialogue and discussion through an informal “Slack” group for paid members.

Meeting format is informal, with a topic of discussion for each session where guest speakers, or Embedded consultants, lead a debate around the use cases and considerations for a particular topic. Then we go to the pub where the real discussion happens.

Agenda for 2019 is as follows:

  • January 2019 : Blockchain - Event Closed
  • March 2019 : DevOps - Event Closed
  • May 2019 : Security - Event Closed
  • July 2019 : Technology Procurement in conjunction with CIPS
  • September 2019 : TBA
  • November 2019 : TBA

Subscription costs are £30 per member per annum, running from 1st January to 31st December. This is run as a “not for profit” forum, with any profits made being donated to local charities, to date we have raised:

  • May 2019 : £100 for Multiple Sclerosis  

If you would like more details, please get in touch with Phil Clark, chairperson, via email – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The table below gives examples of projects performed by Embedded across all client types, with headline outcomes achieved.

DateIndustryProject BriefProject Outcome
Feb-19 Utilities Install Supplier Relationship Management framework for major outsourcing provider.  Project ongoing.
Jan-19 Hospitality Review commercial framework for new Purchase to Pay system, to confirm market suitability of Service Levels Report issued and service levels negotiated to a more suitable outcome.  Other commercial/technical risks mitigated.
Dec-18 Financial Services Identify appropriate supplier for Business Intelligence project and instigate short notice commercial to drive immediate availability. Supplier sourced, terms agreed and resource landed within 1 week based on Embedded Directory supplier list.
Nov-18 Hotel / Travel Review and sourcing of suppliers for Wi-fi Refresh project across multiple Hotel sites Suppliers reduced from 10 to 1, 42% annual savings achieved through technology refresh, new supplier engaged and project underway
Oct-18 Financial Services Extended procurement project for re-negotiation of tail IT service contracts to assist with US acquisition and service transition Suppliers engaged, rationalised and move to standard terms to support price reduction and improve contract management.
Sep-18 Manufacturing Network assessment project, supplier introduction and negotiation New supplier engaged and assessment project underway
Aug-18 Financial Services Application Management Service specification and supplier engagement for legacy software product (end of life). Service specified, suppliers engaged and new supplier selected to provide ongoing support.
Jul-18 Financial Services Full procurement process for niche IT Managed Service for UK Financial Services client, requiring support in the US. 3 providers identified and engaged, however incumbent provider retained business because of commercial environment.
Jun-18 Legal Introduction of third party service provider to Legal firm to support key marketing project Service Provider successful in winning new client and project underway
May-18 Service Provider Marketing support in creation of client materials, providing QA review and structural advice for client deliverables. Client training course and associated course content created to style and content guidelines
Apr-18 Distribution Creation of advisory communications approach for channel clients to offer independent analysis of tech trends and communicate to Channel. Monthly webinar process followed with significant positive feedback from non-sales based approach.
Mar-18 Service Provider Creation of Vendor Engagement programme to expand the interaction between Service Provider and Vendor sales / account teams. Ongoing dialogue between companies.
Feb-18 Manufacturing Assist in the identification and engagement of new suppliers for network refresh project, using Embedded Directory as core platform. New suppliers engaged, awaiting proposals and confirmation of approach.
Jan-18 Vendor UK Channel Management advisory, assist in developing strategy for engaging UK Channel partners for a startup product Channel strategy defined, and new channel partners introduced to determine method of engagement.
Dec-17 Service Provider Vendor Management ongoing engagement, implementing relationship plan for Service Provider to drive improved profile. Ongoing processes to engage with Vendor key staff on behalf of Service Provider executed and join projects pipeline building.
Nov-17 Hospitality Procurement assistence for IT infrastructure replacement and post contract supplier engagement. Supplier awarded infrastructure replacement service and ongoing project to implement over Xmas period.
Oct-17 Service Provider Assist in building a plan, and then execution of that plan, to drive improved Vendor relations with core partners. Initial plan built and agreed, ongoing relationship development plan now underway.
Sep-17 Hospitality Review IT suppliers and infrastructure and propose more robust approach for HQ and Store IT management. Review completed and headline strategy agreed, supplier re-tender ongoing to October.
Aug-17 Prof Services Manage web design project to completion with underperforming supplier. Web site complete with 3 weeks of re-engaging supplier, based on more formal communication approach.
Jul-17 Fin Services Review IT Infrastructure and prioritise risk mitigation actions to improve resilience Initial action list created and presented to stakeholders, budget allocation and supplier engagement to follow.
Jun-17 Service Provider Assist in the establishment of ITIL based frameworks to describe Managed Services portfolio. Service collateral now maps onto ITIL best practice and initial client engagement better aligned to requirements.
May-17 Service Provider Review marketing and product management function to determine methods of improving effectiveness. Tactical and strategic activities mapped out and presented to Board.
Apr-17 Fin Services Write specification and run procurement process to identify new VoIP solution for sales agents. Technologies evaluated, supplier selected and implementation process underway.
Apr-17 Vendor Identify key channels and routes to market for soon to be launched security product. Channels identified, introductions made and client discussions commenced.
Mar-17 Local Gov Determine best approach to upgrading hardware to support new business applications, including procurement advice. Best approach was a simple in-life upgrade as a tactical fix whilst more strategic plan was underway.  No procurement required.
Jan-17 Service Provider Drive post-acquisition integration effort for Product Management, Vendor Management and Marketing functions Integration project completed, acquired company re-branded and organisation integrated into acquirer.
Dec-16 Prof Services Review IT provision, focussing on spend reduction and supplier rationalisation. Suppliers rationalised into 3 strategic suppliers, cost reduced and management overhead simplified.
Jul-16 Local Gov Review IT organisation, processes, infrastructure and suppliers and make recommendations to support revised strategy IT organisation audit documented and presented to Exec Board. Key recommendations adopted within IT Strategy.
May-16 Service Provider Improve Marketing function to align better with Sales organisation, and embrace digital marketing New Marketing governance processes implemented to integrate Product and Sales functions more formally.
Apr-16 Local Gov Assist Head of HR in specifying, interviewing and hiring new IT Director New IT Director hired and IT strategy implemented.
Feb-16 Local Gov Specify and assess responses from IT Hardware Suppliers through CCS Framework (RM1054) Hardware supplier selected with lower cost and improved service breadth
Sep-14 Service Provider Design and implement new partner strategy for Service Provider Strategy defined and handed over to internal staff
Aug-14 Service Provider Design, document and create collateral for new suite of Infrastructure as a Service offerings for Service Provider Proposal Content, Web Content, Presentation Materials, Brochureware and internal training guides created.
May-14 Local Govt Review IT organisation, processes, infrastructure and suppliers and make recommendations to support revised strategyv IT organisation audit documented and presented to Exec Board. Key recommendations adopted within IT Strategy.

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