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Embedded Intelligence TM

What is Embedded Intelligence TM?

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Embedded IT have analysed the UK Technology Market to profile every IT company in the UK, and made this information through Embedded Intelligence (TM).  Unique in the marketplace, Embedded Intelligence  (TM) allows you to search all 300,000 UK technology companies for keywords, and filter on core attributes such as size, credit rating, location, accreditations and many other attributes.

Designed to help Buyers find Suppliers, Channel Partners find companies with complimentary skills, Vendors find Channel Partners, the service helps users find the right technology company for the job.

How it works

Subscribers have access to the full Embedded Intelligence data set, able to search by Keyword and then filter by core attribute such as turnover, employees, accreditations, vendor partnerships or any other publicly available attribute.



Subscribers also get the opportunity to validate and enhance their data with other information such as customer stories, insurance details or other information that potential buyers or partners may search for.


Bespoke reports, such as those shown below, are available for a consulting fee - please enquire for details

Providing some key data insights, Embedded Intelligence also provides unique industry insights giving users aggregated demographic and trend data, supporting analysis of different regions, company types or attributes.  Some examples have been provided below: 

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