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About Embedded IT

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The IT and telecoms market is a nightmare to navigate. There’s a near endless list of technologies created by countless vendors and sold through even more service providers or channel partners. 


As a client, the huge range of vendors and service providers is overwhelming. It’s near impossible to determine which technology or supplier will be the best fit for your business. Without expertise or reliable data, comparing suppliers or technology is extremely difficult and time consuming.

In such a saturated market, it’s also incredibly difficult for vendors and service providers to cut through the noise and reach customers or form partnerships with one another.

At Embedded IT, we have extensive experience helping clients, service providers and vendors navigate this challenging market. On the client side, we’ve worked with a huge range of businesses to ensure they gain the maximum benefit from their IT contracts. Working with resellers, service providers and vendors, we’ve built strategies that enabled them to engage the market effectively and build long-lasting successful relationships with customers and partners.



We support Clients in gaining the most benefit from their IT Services contracts.


Embedded IT provide advisory services to help Clients find the best service partner; agree the best technical, operational and commercial framework; build and maintain the best working relationship focussed on business outcomes, not technical inputs.

Managed Service Providers

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We help Service Providers, ISVs, System Integrators, Resellers and Distributors (collectively the “Channel”) expand their business in pursuit of an IT Services strategy.


Embedded IT helps Channel companies embrace the IT Services arena and use it to enhance their business value for both Client facing and Vendor management services. Services cover Business and Marketing Strategy, Sales Enablement, Product Definition and Management, Market Intelligence, and Opportunity Identification.

Our approach is to ensure a focus is maintained on what value the Channel can add to a Client, and how that shapes the objectives of the Channel's own business.



We help Vendors promote their Product and Service portfolio into the complex commercial world of IT Services arena.


Embedded IT helps Vendors identify appropriate routes to market for their Product or Service portfolio, ranging from Product Definition and commercial modelling, through Partner Programme Strategy and Management, to Partner Engagement and Sales.

We aim to help the Vendor understand the mindset of an IT Services Channel to help them drive appropriate behaviours and maximise the Channel partners success.

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TechSolent Networking Events

Embedded IT founded the South Hants IT Networking group in 2018 to bring together Vendor, Channel and Client IT professionals to discuss industry topics and build positive relationships. Since then, it has become part of TechSolent - Technology Networking with the aim to connect, develop, and promote the technology communities within the Solent region for the public benefit. If you'd like to join the community - you're welcome!

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