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Sustainability Index

There is a lot of focus in the industry today on sustainability, especially in the context of a business’s performance and approach to reducing their environmental impact. Technology companies are not immune from this focus, and if anything, have a significant role to play in leveraging the benefits of technology to drive more environmentally friendly behaviour.


However, technology as an industry has also caused a lot of environmental impact, with disposable technology, and excessive power consumption.

Even in this context, it is very difficult to establish how focussed an IT company is on the environment. With so many different technology business models and different technology approaches the industry lacks a consistent method of assessing whether a technology supplier respects the environment as part of its day to day business.

What is the Sustainability Index?


 Embedded IT have partnered with Green Element to design a simple method of asking IT Suppliers how sustainable they are. Gathering information regarding their general business approach, product selection, design methods and where appropriate, power and cooling impacts, the “Embedded Sustainability Index” provides a score for a supplier indicating their environmental awareness and adoption of best practice. Each supplier who has participated in the process receives a certificated report which provides an A-G rating, some detailed review points of their business approach and a report outlining suggested actions to improve on the supplier’s environmental approach. 

This report is designed to be able to be shared with technology buyers, giving some reassurance of the environmental approach to their technology supply chain. Whereas not a complete replacement of full carbon assessment detailed study, it provides an indication of the supplier’s capabilities regarding the environment and demonstrates that they feel this is a key differentiator within the technology marketplace.

The report is designed to assess all channel partners (consultants, developers, managed service providers, Cloud service providers, hardware or software resellers) and assess the supplier’s approach across all of these channel business models. 

ESI report example.PNG

How it works

  1. Embedded will issue a questionnaire to ask about a supplier’s business model, key environmental performance criteria and other inputs to the review process

  2. These inputs and evidences will then be reviewed during an hour consultation held with a Green Element consultant to discuss environmental performance

  3. A final report will be created, providing a score of environmental performance, and a breakdown of key suggested improvement actions going forward

  4. This report will be issued in PDF format to the supplier for sharing with prospective clients as part of their sales and marketing processes

Sustainability index

Interested in Participating?

  £500 +VAT 

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