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Embedded IT help new, or established, technology vendors engage with the UK IT and Telecoms marketplace to drive product adoption, collaboratively aligning Channel partners to Vendor to expedite access to target Clients.

Using our network of Channel relationships, we will understand the relevance and profile of your product, and assess which channel partners, and commercial models, will drive the quickest level of success.  Understanding the product, its likely ideal client, and also commercial models regarding discounts and rebates, we can quickly deliver introductions and engagement strategies for vendors to start their channel management approach.  

Beyond introduction, Embedded IT can advise on or assist in the creation of channel sales and marketing collateral, and manage key channels on an ongoing basis for vendors who do not have dedicated channel marketing or management resources.

Channel Engagement
Audit / Strategy

As a technology vendor, gaining access to a volume of clients is one the key success factors to the launch of your particular product. With only a finite amount of internal sales resource, focussing these resources on your priority clients, and using the Channel to access broader sales opportunities can expedite the success of your product and drive substantial revenue growth.

Identifying the right channel partners however can be complex. With 6,000 potential UK IT and Telecoms Channel Partners, as well as a variety of Distribution partners, it can be time consuming and resource sapping to find that perfect partner who can successfully embrace and represent your product to its target market sectors. Understanding the proposition, not just to the end client, but also to the channel partner can be difficult to achieve and slow down your successful launch.

Embedded IT hold relationships with hundreds of UK channel partners, and all of the major Distribution partners, to help you understand the best way to engage the UK IT and Telecoms Channel. By investing time up front to understand your product and client proposition, we can help build an engagement strategy that identifies UK channel partners to work with and where appropriate effect introductions to expedite sales.


Embedded will:

  • Understand your products target end client and identify the most efficient route to that market through the UK IT and Telecoms Channel

  • Establish a prioritised list of channel routes to market, potentially including Distribution options, to drive new sales in the most efficient manner

  • Assist in developing proposition and sales collateral to support your product launch through channel partners

  • Comment on the optimum partner programme / compensation schemes to drive adoption through the channel

  • Provide ongoing support of channel engagement, including introductions to key partners where appropriate.


By working with Embedded, your channel engagement strategy will drive optimum engagement and shortcut the significant overhead of navigating the complexities of such a diverse and fragmented route to market for your product.

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