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01 April 2020

 Embedded IT Networking Events - Virtually

This blog was written by Phil Clark, Embedded IT Founder and Director.

The prospect of attending a networking event does absolutely nothing for me. I get invited to networking events all the time, and I genuinely do try and shy away from them where possible. My worst nightmare is “speed dating events” or “breakfast briefings”, and other such events that imply some sort of desperate need to meet people.

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Why is finding the right IT Supplier so difficult?

11 March 2020

 Finding an IT Supplier | Embedded IT

This blog was written by Phil Clark, Embedded IT Founder and Director.

Since starting the Embedded Directory (our IT Services Comparison Tool) we’ve had quite a few interesting dialogues with Buyers and IT Managers about why it is so hard to find the right IT or Telecoms Supplier, when it comes to a new service or improving the existing provision. Some people deny there is a problem, and have never had an issue, but most will agree that it is enormously difficult to engage the market with what should be a fairly simply process.

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What is the Embedded Directory?

25 November 2019

What is the Embedded Directory

The Embedded Directory was created with the knowledge, experience and passion of its founder, Phil Clark, who for decades has been trying to make sense of the complexities of the Technology Supply Chain. 

The Directory is here in response to two very common issues:

  • How do IT Buyers expand their horizons to find new suppliers that will be focussed on them, without having to sift through the marketing bullshit?
  • How do IT companies, specifically around the Channel, attract new Clients that are in their “sweet spot” without spending a fortune on blitz marketing?

Boiled down, both Buyers and Suppliers are trying to solve the same problem.  Finding companies that are suited to their specific needs, based on a range of fact-based attributes rather the luck of mass marketing. 

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Looking back on 2019, and forward to 2020

31 December 2019

 Happy New Year blog post header

This blog was written by Phil Clark, Embedded IT Founder and Director.

So, I decided in 2017 to get into the habit of writing a yearly review of how things were going.  Its been 5 years since I started Embedded, and 3 years since I’ve been living solely off the proceeds, so think in the interests of transparency and helping others wanting to jump off the corporate bandwagon that it’s good to be open about how things are going.

2019, by stark contrast to 2018, was awesome on pretty much every level.  2018 nearly sunk me financially, and 2019 has nearly recovered the position which is great.  I think this is a combination of “growing up” personally, and having a clear focus on what we’re all about, which has paid off very well.

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Meeting 8 - South Hants IT group - SD-WAN

22 November 2019

SD-WAN was a bit of a gamble for a subject within the South Hants IT community, specifically it had the potential to be very technical, but clearly has broad relevance as a topic that is being discussed by many (normally larger) enterprises. All respect to Tayo Ogunseyinde, our presenter from Versa Networks, in finding an excellent balance between delivering a technical subject in a way that even I could understand. Thanks also to Axians UK for helping line up the speakers

The presentation was to provide an overview of what SD-WAN was, when it was relevant, what the likely benefits were, who the major players were in the marketplace and what questions to ask to engage the market. Versa clearly have an excellent well rounded proposition, and although the presentation was an independent view of the topic, it is clear they have an interesting angle (especially considering their relatively modest size). Again, Tayo was fiercely honest in the positioning of Versa against his competitors, listing both strengths and weaknesses of his product vs the other brands.

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