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Oakhaven Hospice


Oakhaven Hospice provide specialist palliative care and support to those facing life-limiting illness, and their loved ones in both the home and hospice setting. Based in Lymington, New Forest, they were formed in the late 1980’s and grown substantially to become one of the leading Hampshire hospice facilities.

Based primarily from Lymington, Oakhaven operate a core hospice facility as well as 9 retail stores and a warehouse, all in the Hampshire region.


Oakhaven reached out to Embedded to review their current IT Services and recommend a future approach to improving resilience and ensuring costs are appropriate.  


With the changes caused by COVID, and the expansion of the remote working approach, they were keen to understand how to drive most appropriate longevity of services balanced with cost.


Embedded IT performed initial discovery of contracts and technology infrastructure, and recommended a market engagement to identify a single support partner – consolidating their agreements into a single trusted source.  


A specification was created, covering technical, operational and commercial aspects of their service requirement, and this was used as the basis for running a targeted competition to 3 suppliers.  


The specification was issued to the market and 3 supplier responses were received. Resulting responses were very closely aligned in terms of technical solution, and commercial proposal, so a further round of engagement was required to interview the key supplier personnel and identify cultural fit with Oakhaven hospice.  


From this process, a new supplier was identified.


A new supplier, that had a capability to deliver all aspects of Oakhaven’s technology requirements, was selected and contracted. Contracts reflected both management of the current estate and a migration to the public cloud, which required careful management due to the nature of Oakhaven’s clinical data. This supplier was successfully onboarded in 2021.

Business Meeting

Slight increase in total cost of services, reflecting the improvement in service delivery and access to technology skills to supplement the IT team

Man Signing

Planned consolidation from 10 small suppliers to 1 large contract, with appropriate SLA’s and improved terms

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